Neutral Ground

We All Howl To The Same Moon


Welcome to Neutral Ground

The territory here is not owned by any of the three packs; Mist, Storm, and Hail. Lands here consist of places that are shared by the packs, places that are fought over by the packs, and places that are owned by wolves who are not in either of the three packs. It is best to know which place falls under which category. If you don't, there will certainly be trouble. Though there are many wolves that visit this ground, and they are all different, it is important to remember; in the end, we all howl to the same moon.

Shared Territory:

If you are a wolf from Mist, Storm, or Hail, you are welcome to set paw on the shared territory. If you are here, no other packs have the right to ask you to leave. The places that are open to all are, of course, the Clearing of Truce and, during times of contest, the contest grounds. Lastly, Spirit Lake is open to all wolves who wish to try and contact their deceased ancestors. This includes Loners and Rouges as well. 

Battle Areas:

Territory that is considered unclaimed is actually desired by many creatures, but not yet won by any. There are often small skirmishes over these territories, as well as large wars. If one group continually defeats the others in these fights, they will claim the land as their own territory. The three packs, as well as loners and even other animals, participate in these battles over this wanted territory. If you are here to visit the unclaimed territory, take caution. Anyone could be waiting there, eager to claim the land as their own.

Owned Areas:

The three packs aren't the only groups that need land. Some of the territory here belongs to loners, while other places are inaccessible to all but members of Spirit Pack. Pack wolves should use caution when exploring strange territory, it often belongs to loners, and they do not like wolves on their land. There is a reason they live away from the packs, and they often will not be pleased by pack wolves showing up on their turf. After all, their territory is pretty much all they have.